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The Seed of Sovereignty – Translated by Yaffah Murciano

23 May 2010 5,344 views No Comment

And it came to pass
in the heat of the day
That Elo-hima saw
much noise in Sodom
And much violence
In Gomorra
And the evil of man
Was great upon the earth
And the sorrow of
Those that sigh and moan
Of the bureau-crassy
Of all the violence
Rose up on high
How great the disparity
Of poverty
And how great the sorrow
Of youth
The elderly
Are almost desperate.
Confusion and mayhem
And pan-demon-ium
The Shechina thought
To Herself
What more can I do
To wake them up?
I sent them a flood
But they do not get the message.
I gave them the Torah
But they still cannot distinguish
Between good
And evil.
I wrought miracles for them
But they are never satisfied.
Shame on them!
Perhaps it’s time
To destroy the world?
Where is Moses our Master
Half G-d
half human
Who stayed with me
forty days
And forty night
Crouching at my feet
Begging me to forgive the people?
He drank no water
Ate no food
For forty days
And forty night
My loyal servant
Who also had a touch of the human
What I must do now
Is create a go-between
A loyal messenger
If I manage to dispatch
Such a soul into the world
And the nation agrees
Peace will rein on earth
I raised Moses in Egypt
I sent him as a baby
Over the waters
Now what is needed is
A morsel of bread
To send to Bethlehem
with a little oil
And wine
I will have a Messiah
And also a prophet
And he shall relay
My will to the people
But sssshhh
The nocturnal Klipah
Must nor hear of my plans
Until he grows up
And becomes a man

But Klipah overheard
And went straight to Bethlehem
And immediately began
Wreaking havoc
To some she gave
A full portion of lust
To others she mangled
Joy and love
She angered some
Inflated others
With pride
Some she imbued with feelings of guilt
To others she gave
a generous dose of fear
The main thing – to split them apart
To the modest and generous
She doled out feelings of worthlessness
And “over-generosity”
And “self-sacrifice”
She clothed them in hate
And sorrow
Until they lost all will to live
And multiply and increase
And keep the commandments.
And after wreaking all this havoc
And confusion of souls
Klipah stood up
And accused
And incited
Even Elo-hima
And demanded punishment
For all the people
At the very least,
The rain should cease
A drought
For those who did not keep tradition
And the people were hungry and despairing
They forgot even to pray
And knew not where to flee
Then Avimelech
The leader of his times
Rose up
And said to his wife Naomi:
Come, dear wife
Let us flee from here.
Because the king that is to
Come from me
Will not suffer this poverty
And they took their sons,
Million and Billion,
And the rest of the money
And left the land
Driven by their appetite
And they went into the desert
Heading for Moab
That was considered
At the time
A gold mine
And when they got there
They found out that they
Had lost their status
The honorable Avimelech
Became a helpless immigrant
Even in his children’s eyes
Instead of servants and handmaidens
And green pastures
They were forced to make do with little
And take non-Jewish
Women for their sons
Orpah, the stiff-necked
And Ruth the princess
Avimelech’s fortunes continued to wane
Until he became an Avi-Lemech (a laughing stock)
And the spoilt princes
Became Machlon (disease)
And Kilyon (decease)
And forgot the dream of the
Millions and billions.
Avimelech passed away
And Naomi forgot
The dream of sovereignty
Issuing forth
From her virtuous womb
Her daughters-in-law, too,
Remained barren
And her sons became ill
And were gathered to their father
In an alien land
Elo-hima was saddened
By the actions
And plots
Of Klipah
By the accusations and disasters
And hunger and plagues
That she brought
On the good and the pure
Who fell into her snare
And by the dream of King Messiah
A new Moses
That Elo-hima desired.
Elo-hima grew exceedingly angry
Until She sought
To create a new heir to the throne
That would stop the wicked Klipah in her tracks
And teach the people some sense

Then Elo-hima strengthened
And consoled her
And imbued her with hope
And the strength to return home
To her people and her G-d
And she also sent her
Waves of love
And kindled in her
Sparks of hope
And when her daughters-in-law saw her
They clung to her even more
Although their handsome husbands
Had passed on.
Who could leave such a mother-in-law
Who stood head and shoulders
above others?
Orpah accompanied them a little
On their return to Bethlehem
But then decided
To return to her parents’ home
But the righteous Ruth
Clung to Naomi in love
How can one desert
Such a woman of valor
In the desert?
In her old age
And widowhood
After losing her sons
To be abandoned
By her daughters-in-law, too?
Ruth, the princess,
Could not abandon the mother of sovereignty
Nor leave her in the desert to die

Elo-hima rejoiced exceedingly
To see this love and friendship
In a sea of sorrow
And isolation
Then She decided
That She, too, in Heaven
Would have compassion
On the ill-fated
And once again transform
the bitterness of her lot

As they drew near to Bethlehem
The Shechina celebrated and rejoiced
Knowing that love had won the day
And that Boaz the righteous
Would jump on the bandwagon
Come what may
And all of them would remember
The kindness of Naomi
The might of Avimelech
The honor of the family
And all the rest was

Ruth the Moabite
Gleaned in the fields
Of the affluent Boaz
She gathered barley seeds
She gleaned the forgotten sheaves
And the corners of the field
To bring to her gracious mother-in-law
So that she would not need
To rely on the kindness of others
Or eat the bread of shame
She, a wealthy woman
Whose heritage was abandoned
And untilled
And Naomi began to live
And her youth returned
She hosted friends
Who had formerly envied her
For her merit
And Ruth waxed ever more beautiful
And thrived
On barley, bread and vinegar
And the laughter of the lads.

Elo-hima came
And once again visited Naomi
to shake up her old age
And hone her wisdom
And give her advice
How to build up her house
To show her
That the new “Philippina”
Would become the mother
Of a new dynasty
With a “surrogate mother”
and a “redeemer” for father
A memory and name would be given
To Naomi’s offspring
A beloved son
And barefooted Ruth would
Don her cloak
And anoint her body
And go softly to the granary
And Naomi the honorable woman
A little baby nestling in her breast
Without conception, birth
Or nursing
A “ready-made child”
Straight from the granary
from her withered womb
And the dream of her youth

This child is destined to greatness
He will begin the kingly dynasty
Of G-d in His glory, the servant of G-d
The son of Elo-hima and Naomi and Ruth
And he will be the king of sovereignty
From him the Messiah will come
The servant of G-d
From the waist up a G-d
And from the waist down
A mortal

He will bring peace to the world
This offshoot of David
The cord connecting
Man to G-d
And the Redeemer of Israel

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